Complex Trauma

Long Life Hospital is fully equipped to take prompt and comprehensive care of trauma patients with multiple injuries under one roof. A team of dedicated doctors take care of patients in the C.C.U., developed only for the critically ill patients of poly trauma. A well co-ordinated team effort at one place is an essential part of the management and we offer such services set up at our hospital.

A major focus of our work is on factors that can reduce negative developmental outcomes and that can support resiliency. Much of this work has been accomplished through research, program evaluation, and developmental activities as part of federal- and state-funded projects.

What is Complex Trauma?

There are multiple trauma types:

  • Intimate – physical or sexual abuse, neglect, family violence
  • Societal – war, community violence, racism and bigotry
  • Unintended injuries, illness, loss of loved ones
  • Prolonged and often chronic exposure to stress or trauma which may also include substance abuse, mental illness, child maltreatment, homelessness, poverty, and more

Complex trauma has been identified as a principle threat to the social/emotional competency and learning success of children. This awareness provides an unifying conceptual framework for supporting developmental (health, academic and social/emotional) goals for all children through phased efforts towards early identification and remediation of trauma’s effects.



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Dr.Dinesh Thakkar M.S.(Ortho)

Long Life Hospital - Ahmedabad, INDIA

Dr. Vishal Chandarana D(Ortho)
Dr. Vidhin Patel (BPT) Physiotherapist

Long life Orthopedic Hospital, Paladi


Dr. Dinesh Thakkar has achieved young surgeon’s forum award from Gujarat Orthopedic Association for his surgery of Modern Osteotomy for osteoarthritis knee in GOACON 2014.